Hello there

Esmeralda van Malde/International artist

Born 29-01-1977 in Brunssum / The Netherlands

Art with a wink
Over the years and my visits to different countries; Especially Mexico, I was inspired by the shapes, colors, people, beliefs, nature and animals. In most of my works, you will see Mexican influences mixed with Asian influences and other cultures and beliefs. Thus I came to the idea of ​​making a collection “Colors of Life”, which consists of art with glass beads / swarovski  on skulls and interior objects. I hereby replace the painters cloth for real skulls / objects and replace the paint with a new medium 1mm / 4mm glass beads / swarovski ejected with epoxy lacquer.

When I work with skulls I always make sure that all official documentation and statements are included! I love animals and want to be sure that they died naturally and not shot! With the greatest heart for animals I treat the skulls with deep respect when I make my art and try to give the animal a particularly beautiful second life, so that they are in the center of their splendor again!

One of my challenges is to make an everyday, perhaps boring object, a colorful artistic piece, something that you can not surround. In addition, I want to show what is more possible and I try to get a second new life in this way.I want to show the world what beauty you can create if you bring together, by mixing colors, influences of people, animals, cultures, beliefs and shapes, you get a unique artistic eye catcher! I’m sure to loosen a certain feeling with the viewer, so I associate my art with: Art with a wink!


2019 Fine 2019 under Grachten Galery Utrecht/ Netherlands

2019 Exhibition Art Breda 2019 under Grachten Galerie Utrecht/ Netherlands

2019 Exhibition Van Schaik Gallery Zeist / the Netherlands

2019 Exhibition Grachten Galerie Utrecht / the Netherlands

2018 Exhibition Masters of Luxery

2018 ginius edition Amsterdam under LM lighting Aarle-Rixtel / the Netherlands

2018 Exhibition Affordable Art Fair / Amsterdam under Kiss my Art & Design Ospel / the Netherlands

2018/2019 Exhibition Dutch Design Hotel Artemis

2018 exhibition Kölner Liste Contemporary Art Fair Cologne / Germany under Kiss my Art & Design Ospel / Netherlands

2018 exhibition Dutchies She Art Gallery Nuenen / Netherlands
2018 exhibition Human Nature She Art Gallery Nuenen / Netherlands
2017 exhibition Affordable Art Fair 2017 Amsterdam / Netherlands under Kiss my Art & Design Ospel / Netherlands
2017 exhibition Berliner Liste exhibition with Christos Eliades Cyprus in Berlin / Germany
2017 exhibition Kölner Liste Contemporary Art Fair under galeria Gaudi Madrid / Spain
2016 solo exhibition Ibiza Xperience Fair / Eindhoven under Kiss my Art & Design Ospel / Netherlands
2016 exhibition castle Deurne / Belgium under gallery Bisart Antwerp
2015 exhibition Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam / The Netherlands under gallery Bisart Antwerp
2015 exhibition Affordable Art Fair Brussels / Belgium under gallery Bisart Antwerp
2010 solo exhibition Michael Jackson fanday Panama Amsterdam / Netherlands

Gallery / studio:

2019 VAN SCHAIK ART GALLERY Zeist/ Netherlands

2019 Grachten galerie Utrecht / the Netherlands

2018 Shamva Galery Shaftbury, Dorset / United Kingdom

2017 SHE ART GALLERY Nuenen/ The Netherlands
2017 Galerie Rosemarie Bassie Remagen / Germany
2017 galeria Gaudi Madrid / Spain
2017 Saatchi Art / online gallery
2014/2016 gallery Bisart Antwerp / Belgium
2014 To date atelier Kiss My Art & Design Ospel / The Netherlands
2007/2012 atelier Various Designs Heerlen / The Netherlands